Arlington Services

Mulch Delivery

At McCauley’s we offer a variety of high-quality premium mulch options for homeowners, gardeners, and landscaping professionals. We also offer different types of mulch such as: Premium double-shredded hardwood mulch (Black, Brown, Red & Natural Wood), Double-shredded bark mulch, and wood chips. Learn more about our mulch delivery in Arlington, VA.

Topsoil & Compost Delivery

We offer three types of topsoil and compost for gardening projects, landscaping, and more. We offer regular topsoil. Our enriched topsoil is a blend of compost and topsoil. It’s  high-quality mixture to help nourish your plants–helping them to grow and flourish. Our Garden Gro Compost is the perfect blend of grass clippings and composted leaves–making it the environmentally friendly alternative to mulch. Learn more about our topsoil & compost delivery in Arlington, VA.

Stone, Gravel & Sand Delivery

We offer an assortment of stone, gravel, and sand including: #1 Stone, #3 Stone, #57 Stone, #68 Stone, Pea Gravel, Concrete Sand, and Mortar Sand. #1 Large crushed stone is most commonly used around drain tile in basements and driveways. #3 Crushed stone is for extremely muddy areas, for erosion control, and for drainage. Learn more about our stone, gravel, and sand delivery in Arlington, VA.

Leaf Removal

We take the hassle out of leaf removal. We vacuum leaves from the curb during leaf removal season. Learn more about our leaf removal service in Arlington, VA.

During the fall, we offer leaf vacuuming.

During the winter months, we also offer a snow plowing service and salting for commercial properties.

We specialize in small loads starting from 1 cubic yard or 1 ton. Most companies have a minimum amount of 6 cubic yards (which is 8 tons).