Q1. Is the price per ton or per cubic yard?

Stone, gravel, and sand are sold by the ton so the price is per ton. Mulch, dirt, topsoil, compost (garden gro), and wood chips are sold by the cubic yard so the price is per cubic yard.

Q2. How do I pay?

You can order and pay online with an eCheck or with your debit/credit card. If you pay with a credit or debit card, a 3.21% processing fee is added to your order.

We can also send you an invoice to pay online. This requires a credit/debit card so a 3.21% processing fee is added to your order.  

Q3. Is there a delivery fee?

Yes, there is a delivery fee per truck. The delivery fee is based on distance and how many truckloads of material are delivered.

Q4. How much can the truck hold?

stone and gravel = 3 tons 

dirt = 3 cu. yds.

topsoil and compost = 5 cu. yds.

mulch and wood chips = 8 cu. yds

lead time

Q5. What is the most common type of gravel?

The most common type of gravel is #57 gravel

Q6. Can I pick up the material?

No, we are not set up for pick up. We are delivery only

Q7. What is Garden Gro?

Garden Gro is organic compost. It is best suited for gardens.

Q8. What’s in the enriched topsoil?

It is topsoil that is enriched with organic compost. The mixture mostly topsoil with organic compost mixed in. Enriched topsoil is good for growing plants and grass. 

Q9. What should I use for my garden or growing grass?

You can use enriched topsoil for a garden or growing grass. Some customers prefer to use Garden Gro (organic gro) for a fruit/veggie garden. 

Q10. How is the material delivered?

We deliver bulk material. We do not deliver in bags, etc. The material is dumped from the truck onto your driveway.

Q11. Can I have more than one material delivered at the same time?

Our truck does not have compartments to separate different materials. Unless you want the materials mixed then we can only deliver one material at a time. 

Q12. What stone do I need for a construction entrance for Fairfax County?

#1 Stone